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SG 553 AL CH

Assault Rifle

SG 553 AL CH

The extremely flexible, compact, and lightweight SG 553 AL (aluminium) assault rifle. It has been designed to be used by special units and law enforcement. Thanks to the compact size, the SG 553 AL is a versatile weapon that can be used in any situation and especially in urban and forest locations. Perfect for short to medium combat distance (up to 300 m).

SG 553 AL CH

Fully-automatic version available on request (special authorisation required). Other colours on request. Complete accessories, see attachment!

Calibre5.56 mm (.223 Rem.)
Trigger pull weight35 N (3,5 kg)
Weight (empty)3.060 g
Weight with (20 / 30 rounds)3.400 g / 3.540 g
Function principleGas operated
Bolt patternRotating bolt
Cycle rateapprox. 700 rd / min
Magazine capacity20, 30
Total length733 mm
Length folded503 mm
Height210 mm
Line of sight339 mm
Length of twist178 mm (7“) 254 mm (10“)
No. of grooves6
Energy1.240 J
Combat weightwith 120 rounds 5.260 g
553 AL CH Ammuniation