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Caputi Pasquale
Caputi Pasquale
Caputi Pasquale
Managing Director / CEO

From the muzzle loader to the modern assault rifle
The manufacture of precision weapons in Neuhausen has a history of over 148 years of development. The producton of over 1.5 million weapons represents the know-how and outstanding innovation of this traditional manufacturer.


The history of the pioneers of the industry: The SIG ”Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft“ was founded as „Schweizerische Waggon-Fabrik bei Schaffhausen“ (The Swiss Waggon Factory at Schaffhausen).


Beginning of weapon manufacture: On the request of the Swiss Army the production of arms began. Successful product launch: Under the specification of the ”Eidgenössischen Militärdepartements” arose the first muzzle load rifle ”Prélaz-Burdand“, which was used by the Swiss Army.


Successful product launch: Under the specification of the ”Eidgenössischen Militärdepartements” arose the first muzzle load rifle ”Prélaz-Burdand“, which was used by the Swiss Army.


The time ahead: The SIG breechloader system ”Milbank-Amsler“ won recognition over 24 competitors.


Milestone in history: With the ”Vetterli” repeating rifle arose the best rifle of its time. Until 1870 almost 140,000 were sold to the Swiss Army.


A ”lightweight” conquer abroad: Finland, Chile, Peru, Columbia and China order in big numbers the ultra light 8 kg machine gun KE7.


Birth of a legend: 180,000 of the P 210 pistol implemented into the Swiss Army.


Indestructible success guarantee: The multifunctional ”SIG Assault Rifle 57“ persuaded the Swiss Army to buy over 700,000 rifles.

1970 – 1975

Expansion: Purchase of ”Hämmerli” AG Lenzburg (CH), ”Hämmerli ” Tiengen (D) also ”SAUER & SOHN GmbH”Eckernförde(D). The classic models P220 and P230 pistols are stills uccessful today.


Reliable and precise: The P 220 cal. 9 mm Para also known as ”Pistole 75“ was adapted to the needs of the Swiss Army. 140,000 pieces were delivered.


A new time began: The range of products extended with the models P 225, P 226, P 228, P 229, P 232, P 239. At the same time began the license to manufacture the new gas pressure assault rifle family SIG SG 540 and 543 in cal. .223 and SIG SG 542 in cal. 7.62 mm NATO.


The wave of success goes on: 450,000 SIG Assault Rifles 90 (Stgw 90) were delivered to the Swiss Army. Additionaly ca. 35,000 rifles of the ”SIG Stgw 90 PE“, the civil version of the SIG Assault Rifle 90, were produ- ced. Development of the new SIG Pro. pistol and 4,000 pieces of the new 40 mm weapon mounted grenade launcher ”GwA 97“ were purchased by the Swiss Army.


Extensive changes: SIG sold off all its divisions with the exception of the engineering section. The ”small arms” division went to the ”Lüke & Ortmeier Group” and was known as ”SAN Swiss Arms AG”.


Innovative upgrading: Thanks to new laser and light modules the SIG Stgw 90, SIG Stgw 90k and SIG Stgw 04 became more effective. The range of SIG SAUER sport pistol models expanded.


Forward-looking diversification: Delivery of the SIG SG 553 to the Swiss Paratroupers. Based on the SIG SG 5XX family, the SIG SAPR precision rifle in cal. 7.62 mm NATO was developed. The first of these rifles goes to the Romanian Special Forces.

2009 – 2011

New family members: After successful testing of the new SG 751 SAPR it was marketed. Through the SAN 511 (.50 BMG) rifle the product line of precision rifles was expanded. The SG 553 was given a new facelift. New materials and compatability to other systems (M16 / M4 magazines) completed the modular structure.


Family expansion
With the SG 553 R, SAN developed a rifle chambered in 7.62 x 39 that accepts the most common AK 47 magazines.


Platform will be renewed: Our platform will be expanded again with the SG 553 BK in caliber .300 AAC Blackout (7.62 x 35) and with its own SAN silencer. The reflex silencer specially developed for the SG 553 BK allows a compact weapon that is ideally suited for supersonic and subsonic ammunition.


enlargement of the production area by 100%


First test phases 
of the new SG 751 Creedmoor in caliber 6.5


New naming: 


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