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Statement by SIG SAUER AG Switzerland on closure of the location in Eckernförde

Dear customers,
Dear suppliers,
Dear partners,

As you have already heard from various media releases, we regret to inform you that SIG SAUER GmbH, based in Eckernförde (DE), will be closed.

The location disadvantages in Germany for SIG SAUER will no longer allow economical production of sports and government weapons in the future. Legislation is increasingly restricting the use of sports weapons; Germany as a location offers too little perspective for an economically successful future of our traditional products.

Contrary to other reports, e.g. SIG SAUER is by no means "broke" in the online edition of BILD. The decision to close the site has economic and strategic reasons. Until the date that has not yet been set, SIG SAUER's business will continue as usual. The open orders are delivered and there are also products from Eckernförder production available.
The sale of SIG SAUER products from Switzerland and the USA, as well as the maintenance and repair of the SIG SAUER weapons on the market will continue to be ensured even after the Eckernförde site is closed.

This strategic closure has no negative impact on the Swiss location in Neuhausen. You can therefore continue to expect the usual service.

I thank you for your trust and valued cooperation.

Pasquale Caputi CEO